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Narrative Triangulation – Emily Carroll’s That Night in June

8 Jun
by Kevin Czap

That Night in June by Emily Carroll

The old Jainist tale of the blind men and the elephant is a powerful parable for many reasons, particularly in the case it makes for the importance of diversity. Truth can’t be gained from a single perspective, and we need the combined information of multiple viewpoints to get anywhere close. In several ways this lesson is a core principle behind comics — the entire concept isn’t produced from a singularity but rather through the cumulative effect of the panels, pages and so on. Extrapolating this principle outward, it seems to me that fragmentary narrative structure is tailor made for comics. Going even further, I’d argue that fragmentary physical construction, or serialization, is a perfect presentation for comics, at least conceptually. When I got to read Emily Carroll‘s “That Night in June,” finally, it seemed to prove my theory as far as I’m concerned. Continue reading