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BCGF Haul Reviews Part 4

5 Jan
by Kevin Czap

Hey, it’s January, BCGF was a month ago, but I still have comics to review. Here we go, the end is in sight.

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Michel Fiffe – Zegas

27 Sep
by L. Nichols

Over the past couple of years, I’ve kept an eye on various Act-i-vate projects out of curiosity. Honestly, I have a really hard time reading anything at-length and in-depth on the internet, so I use sites like Act-i-vate more as a way to gauge if I might be interested in purchasing something if and when it’s published in a paper form.

Of all the work on Act-i-vate, Michel Fiffe’s work has always caught my eye and really intrigued me. I find his style and use of color particularly exciting. So when I saw the first issue of Zegas at Bergen St. Comics (I was super bummed to have missed the release party!), I just had to pick it up.

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