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Happiness (Finally) – slechtemeisjes

5 Oct
by Kevin Czap


Today I’d like to talk to you guys a little bit about one of my favorite webcomics. Dutch for “bad girls,” slechtemeisjes is a bizarre weekly strip starring a group of nearly identical teen girls who live with a professor? I’m not sure how much of a continuous storyline runs throughout the episodes, but I get the feeling that isn’t really the point. A typical strip consists of the girls getting involved in some surreal adventure or circumstance, punctuated by the odd, matter-of-fact dialogue that more or less narrates the scene, until culminating finally in some kissing and/or missing clothes.

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Webcomic Wednesday 02: Cucumber Quest

13 Jul
By Darryl Ayo




I learned about this comic just around the time that it began. I was at my weekly drawing group and my friend remarked that a mutual friend was “obsessed” with this mysterious web artist. I was immediately intrigued and was told about Gigi Digi just days before she deleted her Deviant Art gallery. Very exciting, this idea of scarcity and rarity on the internet. Gigi Digi was tired of Deviant Art and decided to burn that bridge. At the same time, she was just beginning her webcomic Cucumber Quest.


And here we go:

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Webcomics Wednesday 01: OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS

29 Jun
By Darryl Ayo

What kind of question is that? It’s practically canon!

This Webcomics Wednesday, I’m going to talk about a comic called OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS by one Mr. Tim. The author is a clerk at a comic book store in the United States–I feel like I heard it was in Boston, somewhere–and he does these little cartoons making fun of the stupid things that people say when in his shop.

I first became aware of OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS one night where the link was being passed around furiously on Twitter. It was enthusiastically “amen-ed” and “that is SO true-ed” by other comic shop employees. It didn’t take long though, for my enjoyment of this strip to sour and my opinion of its author to plummet. Observe:

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