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SPX 2011: Moment in Time

14 Sep
by Kevin Czap

SPX 2011

While I was having an absolute blast at the Small Press Expo this past weekend, I couldn’t help but keep thinking about lofty things like history and community. Part of that preoccupation was a side-effect of having this weekly column, and wanting to have something substantial to write about. The other part was just from the sheer experience of it all – with each convention or expo I attend, I feel that much more enveloped in this big wonderful thing. When I started going to shows not so long ago, just being around one’s own people was satisfying to an overwhelming degree. That feeling is still there of course, now with the added texture of feeling that you’re a part of something. History and culture are not simply texts, these things are literally the accumulation of present actions by people doing their thing.

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PACC 2011

17 Aug
by Kevin Czap


Ah, feel that in the air? It’s the first refreshing signs of comics season. After three months of sitting around in the heat, I was eager to start hitting the road again and start selling books again. This weekend was the third year (I believe) of the Philly Alternative Comics Convention in good old Philadelphia. Kudos are really in order for Pat Aulisio, who once again pulled this whole show together. PACC being a small show doesn’t make how well-organized it all is – and how smoothly the show went – any less impressive. Even though the weather was terrible and the roof was leaking and the Rotunda was packed like a can of sardines, everyone seemed to be have a blast.

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Everybody Wants Somethin’ – TCAF 2011

18 May
by Kevin Czap

A worm’s eye view of the impressive architecture that houses the Toronto Comics Arts Festival, which I was very lucky to be able to go to the other weekend. It was especially nice since that weekend I turned 26, so the whole experience was a perfect birthday present for a comics lover such as myself. Since I’m about a week behind in writing this up, there are already many many excellent recaps of the show by folks more eloquent than I. One of the amazing things about this show is that so many of these folks all have the same things to say about it, so please take time to read some of these other blog posts, as they say most of what I would say anyway. Continue reading

MoCCA jokah

15 Apr
By Darryl Ayo

Eric Colossal, Jess Fink, L. Nichols. Photo by Me.

So like okay, whatever, right? Here’s the deal with MoCCA: I’m a cartoonist, my friends are cartoonists. At shows like MoCCA, I always see a bunch of peers who I enjoy talking with and spending time with. Oh, we laughed and we laughed. There was trading and there was sushi and there was coffee and there was drinking and there was closed-room industry talk. This is pretty much a given for comic shows, at least from a cartoonist’s perspective. So my answer to the same question phrased differently is opposite: “Did you enjoy MoCCA?,” or “How was MoCCA?”

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11 Apr
by L. Nichols

As many of you reading this blog (or any other indie comics blog) know, this past weekend (April 9-10, 2011) was the MoCCA Art Fest. This year I tabled with Darryl Ayo, Jorge Diaz, and Eric Colossal. (Darryl took all these photos)

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SPACE 2011

23 Mar
by Kevin Czap

a print by Brady Russell

I spoke a bit about scenes and community last week. One of the best opportunities to see the community of any given location in the flesh is at the comics convention. This past weekend, I trucked down to Columbus for the 12th annual Small Press and Alternative Comics Expo (SPACE). I had checked the show out last year, but this year it was the first stop on my big tabling tour. I never end up taking pictures the way I plan to, but that’s probably for the best. Since I’m writing this for the ‘Cube, I think I’ll do more of an overall analysis than gab about all the extracurricular stuff that I did, as usual. Continue reading