Aight, check it out. So I just left the breakfast place with my sandwich in hand and I stepped on a funny spot of snow–ZOOP, BANG! I fell ON my wallet AND on my entire laptop. Damn near broke my leg. So the next day, my walking stick is still numb, therefore I took the day off. Now I’m sitting at the computer, stretching my ambulatory device and talking on G-Chat with L. Nichols and Kevin Czap about comics; those are the two people I know who get more pumped about pictures in boxes than anybody else. El Nic was like “this is it, let’s DO a comic blog, right now.” I’m saying “well, I may never walk again, so what else am I gonna do? But let’s get Czap in on it!” Kevin’s all “I will make this train run smoothly, no prob, bob.”

We three wanted to approach attack comics from an open minded point of view. We all care about comics large and small, foreign and domestic, underground, mainstream, on-or-offline, arty, pop, all-ages or NC-98. Additionally, we care about other media’s effect on comics and comics’ effect on them. We are omnivores. We are hungry for comix. Feed us.

Your hosts:

El Knuckles (L. Nichols): Captain, Comixcube Editor, Chief Instigator
Contact: wormulus at gmail dot com

Darryl Ayo Brainwasher (Darryl Ayo): Superhero Editor
Contact: darrylayo at gmail dot com

Kevin ZAP! (Kevin Czapiewski): Head Designer, Technical Work, Tie-breaker
Contact: kevinczap at gmail dot com

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