Not for me

14 Oct

by Darryl Ayo

by Mark Millar and Greg Capullo
Millar and Capullo got together and came up with an idea that I, Darryl Ayo, could never like. This is a comic about death with horrifying conversations about The End and man that stuff just tires me out. I just lose my strength with stories about the grinding inevitably of mortality. Not for me. 

Anyway, the long and short of Millar+Capullo’s Reborn is that when people die, they come back to life on the battlefield of a high fantasy world in the renewed primes of their lives. The main character has a gorgeous outfit. But god. Reading a 94-year-old character speak in exhausted fear of normal death just makes me feel sad and I lose my motivation to have anything to do with it.

Also: Greg Capullo is still a great artist but he was so much more effective in the early 90s when he was drawing X-Force and Spawn. I though it was his inkers but I have started to think that even Capullo’s compositions haven’t been as solid as his work back then. I dunno.



Becky Cloonan and Steve Dillon
Punisher sucks.

The worst thing is that the police were just about to solve the case when this vigilante jerk comes in and kills the bad guys. There was no need for the punisher. Sheesh.



The Sheriff of Babylon 

Tom King and Mitch Gerads 

A gritty crime story set in Baghdad, Iraq during the American occupation. The art is great but people getting shot in the head is brutal. 

Jesus Christ, this is depressing and relentless. It’s well done, the best comic of this set of reviewed objects. But it doesn’t feel good at all.

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