Overreaction is my only reaction; which only sets off a chain reaction

16 Dec

By Ayo

Human beings don’t act like this.

“Cable and X-Force,” no. 1
Dennis Hopeless & Salvador Larroca
Marvel Comics, 2012

Here’s what I can understand from this comic: previously, Cable was dead. Now he’s alive and stalking his daughter. Not in the “bad” way but in that creepy movie way where he watches her from afar. For no apparent reason. The implication is that he wants her to live a normal life with her foster parents but let’s be honest: Cable is a psychic, cyborg soldier from the future and his daughter is also a soldier from the future. He could just send her a telepathic “hello” message and be done with it.

This comic has no real thrust to it. It does the thing where the story starts in the midst of action then backtracks to some causation. But the reader isn’t given enough of the action OR the causation for it to have any effect. It’s all just layers of vague implication. Also Cable shoots his uncle Havok in the face which is only funny because Havok’s enduring character trait is that he’s a rube and a chump. He’s all “I know this man. Please tell me this isn’t what it looks like…” ZAP.




The highlight of this issue is Domino. She’s Cable’s ex-girlfriend, a super-proficient spy/assassin/mercenary who smiles as she jumps from high places. I like Domino a whole bunch and have to restrain myself from buying comics that she stars in. As you can see, my will was weak this time.

One Response to “Overreaction is my only reaction; which only sets off a chain reaction”

  1. James December 17, 2012 at 11:56 am #

    Jeph Loeb got Cable’s cyborg eye (later retconned as “infected by a techno-organic virus”) WRONG in the Avengers: X-Sanction miniseries, and that upset me.

    TO RECAP: Cable’s SCARRED eye is robotic/infected, his GLOWING eye is due to his mutant powers – a genetic and aesthetic inheritance from his parents** Cyclops (EYE-beams) and Phoenix* (fiery/GLOWy telekinetic manifestations).
    *via cloning**
    **also retcons

    I understand that X-Sanction left Cable completely free from robocancer, but that his previously-cybernetic body parts are withered or something, so he wears a ROBO-SLEEVE and EYE-PATCH and stuff. But he still has his powers? So, my question to you, is: does Cable wear an eye-patch on his correct, scarred/non-glowing eye, or has Jeph Loeb’s AWFUL MISTAKE been propagated for posterity?

    Dennis Hopeful

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