It’s the Five Phone Commandments, what!

10 Dec

By Ayo

I’ve been in this game for years, it’s made me mechanical/
There’s rules to phone comics, go read the manual:

Rule # one: a smartphone orients vertically in one hand, horizontally in two hands and awkwardly if you make people switch back and forth.

Rule number two: every time the user switches the orientation of the device, s/he is pulled out of the storytelling a bit.

Rule number three: it is good to densely illustrate your panels because each one will be in the reader’s eye, holding his/her attention

Rule number four: stuff like splash pages, two page spreads, etc simply do not work. Space doesn’t expand on a screen.

Rule number FIVE: keep an eye on your lettering and general legibility. If the reader has to pinch and zoom, you’re messing up.

Follow these rules you’ll have mad fans when you wake up; if not, the people that loved you will want to break up.

Gotta go, gotta go more rhymes to make up.

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