Camila collected moments and memories.

21 Nov

By Ayo

¿How Do I Know Who I Am If I Forget?
By Luis Echavarría Uribe

Memory involves the retention of experiences and episodes. Camilla of “How Do I Know Who I Am If I Forget” realizes that memory is also central to personal identity. People often painfully hang onto the past in destructive ways because the alternative is the danger of erasing oneself entirely. Who am I to be if not myself? Who am I if not what I have been?

The reader earns more insight from this story if they are allowed to experience its events and plot on their own. The moments in this short story derive their resonance from being experienced in their proper context. Telling you about the plot would “spoil” its effect. It’s a relatively small scale story, though one of great significance for its protagonist.

“How Do I Know Who I Am If I Forget” is a story about loss, but also about holding on, and retaining an identity. It’s about owning experiences in a way that allows the protagonist to incorporate them into her core identity and also allows her to carry on in life.

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