12 Jul

By Ayo

By Gabby Schulz
Pub. Secret Acres, 2012

This is a Gordon Small comic and that means a laughing good time with a money-back guarantee! As the title suggests, “Weather” is a breezy, summery short tale about the effervescence of life itself. However fleeting, Gordon Small embraces life with all of its turbulence and small pleasures. Under cartoonist Gabby Schulz’ master hand, Gordon Small absorbs with wide-eyed wonder the ambient details that ultimately encourage us all to cling to this wonderful world by the tiny finger holds afforded to us!

As you can tell, I’m deeply moved by “Weather”‘s joyful perspectives and optimism. A must-have for any fans of James Kochalka or John Porcellino.

A special nod should be given to Mr. Schulz’ friend Brandon who inspired Schulz to draft this arresting and captivating fable.

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