2012-06-20: comics reviews. All-spoilers, all-excitement edition

20 Jun

By Ayo

Wednesday evening, June 20, 2012. Status: drenched in motherfucking sweat!

Let’s go!

“Out of Season”
New Mutants, No. 44
(Fear the Future, part 1 of 3)
Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning & Leandro Fernandez

So the Defenders show up and 1) Warlock buys pizza and 2) Silver Surfer eats it. That panel of Silver Surfer eating pizza is probably on Scans-Daily right now. Motto.

For some reason, the New Mutants and Defenders are freaked out by their old Eastern European neighbor seeing them in costume, but Warlock is literally a liquid robot. And he went out for pizza. WHATEVER, anything for a gag.

Mrs Livitz bring more stew. Great 🙂

The thing that REALLY bothered me about this (besides that Sam Guthrie apparently wears his goggles indoors now) is that when the gang goes to visit a lady named Karma, there’s a person. sitting next to Karma who is never introduced. A person who has no face. I recognize him/her from some issue of this series that I read a while back but…who IS this creature? I’m gonna just assume its Karma’s girlfriend.


“Whatever Happened to the Thunderbolts?”
Dark Avengers, No. 176
Jeff Parker & Kev Walker

Oh, so THAT’S what happened to the Thunderbolts! Spoiler!

I really like Kev. Walker and I super love Troll. This issue is terrific because the emotional stress of traveling continually back in time is finally breaking these people apart. They’re accusing each other and it’s about to fall apart and it’s great. Then Man-Thing comes back to life all casual like “what up?”


Saga, chapter four
Brian K. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

Silly muhfuckas. I cracked the fuck up.


“Relaxed in Person”
((Casanova is that book that people need to search for hidden meanings))
Casanova III: Avaritia #4
Matt Fraction & Gabriel Bá

There’s a page here, a panel, where Luther Desmond Diamond is playing his “free ukulele, sitting in shallow water. The clouds are so cartoony but layered in a way that mimics cloud forms and the sun is setting and my god, this is what comic books are for.

This is the comic book that makes some other, younger me love comic books and want to make comic books. Me, myself, I’m fueled by hate. This is made of love and affection. Such a beautiful, pretty, obsessive comic book. This deserves it’s own article.


AvX Round 6
By Five Guys and Oliver Coipel. Jonathan Hickman on the mic.

Well I was just reading AvX as a joke. An elaborate joke, played upon myself. But I am All Aboard with the second act of AvX. And I know that once Bendis cuts the ropes and climbs out of the basement that Hickman had him tied up in that it’ll all go back to dust. But I like this. I LIKE-like this.

First I all, I owe all the message board guttersnipes an apology. John Romita Jr. fell off in recent years. He’s been a ghost of his former self. Looking awful in comparison to Oliver Coipel who hits the drawing board like he’s got something to prove. It’s not just surface polish, it’s fundamentals. Coipel is treating this comic like he cares and swinging for those fences.

It helps that the story itself has moved past its uncomfortable (awful) beginning and into a field that interests me: proactive superheroics. Between the previous issue and this one, the X-Men have saved the world. They haven’t used their Phoenix powers to restore mutantkind but they have effectively ended world hunger, drought, energy crisis and war. This digs at a private dream of mine which is to abandon superheroics for the avowedly (but never proven) pacifist X-Men. Just a burst of imagination to making the connection between a concept that is mentioned to be about a radical concept, but never proven to be.

We’ve seen the cover solicitations we know this all ends in tears (and punching) but just a glimpse of the dream for now. Good night.

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