You wanna make some poor bastard look bad, put him on after Amanda Conner.

19 Jun

By Ayo

Ame-Comi I: Wonder Woman
Justin Gray, Jimmy Palmiotti, Amanda Conner and Tony Akins
DC Comics, 2012

Or: “Akin to nothing.”

Tony Akins shares some gross similarities with Amanda Conner but he is no replacement for Amanda Conner. I don’t understand this. This miniseries was three half-sized issues. It was the first Ame-Comi series as well. Why would DC even step to the plate without all of Conner’s art submitted? Why would there ever be a fill-in artist on a miniseries? This is terrible. DC editorial, you’ve snatched defeat from the jaws of victory AGAIN.

LEST IT BE SAID that I’m shitting on poor Tony Akins, I would not have a problem with him doing his own Ame-Comi miniseries, despite the fact that his characters all look like they have water balloons strapped to their chests. He’s a workman, he got the job done in this project. But the fact remains that everybody buying this comic was looking for the conclusion of an Amanda Conner comic.

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