Batman created by Bob Kane.

19 Jun

By Ayo

Ami-Comi II: Batgirl, No. 1
Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray and Sanford Greene
DC Comics, 2012

Looking through my saved favorites in Tumblr, I came across some sketches from Sanford Greene that I liked. Then, since the planets are in alignment, turns out that Sanford Greene is drawing the second Ame-Comi miniseries. Enter the Batgirl.

So anyway in regular comic book land, Batman is the world’s greatest detective. But since nobody felt like doing a detective story, Ame-Comi Batman (Batgirl) just manifests the punching-criminals-into-unconsciousness aspect of the Batman. It works out pretty well. I think Sanford Greene is an animator or something. He has no trouble with the fluidity of motion that superhero violence requires. The designs are pretty cool as well.

I could make a point about “why can’t Batgirl be the world’s greatest detective, huh?” But instead I will use a rarely seen aspect of my personality: restraint. Patience. This is a three part comic and there’s the Joker up there, plotting something or other. This could just end up as a Batman(girl) punching thugs story. Maybe I’m casting aspirations or demanding something that isn’t on sale.

Anyway: 99 cents.

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