Twitter style capsule reviews of 2012-06-13

15 Jun

By Ayo


On Wednesday, June 13, I went to the comic book shop after a harsh day at work. I do not ever have a pull list, I just browse and nab what looks interesting. I could say a lot more about each of these comics but I won’t.

Spider-Men #1: very well told but a glorious waste of pages. Advice: wait for the collection of all five issues.


Ultimate X-Men #13: Brian Wood turned this ship around. This title finally has an identity beyond “X-Men Lite.”


Conan the Barbarian #5: James Harren is the undisputed champion of punch-punch comics.


The Massive #1: As a fan of sci-fi dystopian movies, this is right up my alley. My biggest recommendation.


Batgirl #10: funny and gross. Violence played for sympathy as well as laughs.


Uncanny X-Force #26: funny and gross. Less funny and more gross than Batgirl though. Fat Wolverine. Underpants Frenchman.


Batman #10: interesting scene. Perhaps more impactful to actual fans of Batman. Greg Capullo art.


Green Lantern #10: best superhero comic out this week. Perhaps best superhero comic published today. Deliriously ignorant & asinine.

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