Completely Unacceptable

13 Jun

By Ayo




Ame-Comi: Wonder Woman, drawn by Amanda Conner and written by Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Available from Comixology.

This is one of DC Comics new experiments in original content digital comics. What is best about this comic is that it is specifically designed to read clearly on smartphones. The pages are oriented in landscape and the drawing detail is arranged to read in blocks and at a reduced size.

I question the decision to make such a bloody, gory representation of Wonder Woman as the ambassador of comic books to the mobile market but seriously, whatever.

As always, Conner shines her brightest when focusing on the emotional responses that she can find in characters’ faces and gestures. Since this comic is explicitly meant to be viewed on small devices, Conner’s work is quite ideal since she knows how to bring out big, broad acting from characters.

This appears to be an experimental comic project. DC is testing the waters to see if mobile-specific comic books are viable and worthwhile. As such, the plot of this comic is a modern retelling of Wonder Woman’s origin. Personally, I hate origin stories, especially their retellings, but such is life.

I hope that it works out because I would like few things more than to get a steady dose of comics meant for the mobile phone market. This is up my alley.

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