All access backstage pass, straight to the dressing room.

7 Jun

By Ayo

Bloggers, what up? Critics, what up? I’ve heard about companies retaliating against critics by shutting off access to things like press releases and previews. Listen closely to me:

It’s just comic books.

DC Comics doesn’t want to give you advance copies of their issues because they are mad at you? If that is the best they can do to harm you, it is fair to say you are invincible. It offends me that this tactic even works.

I’m sure there is some value in having pre-release previews, review copies and so on. I am certain that it means additional web traffic for the site that can publish previews and reviews the earliest. I am also certain that this is asinine.

It is almost adorable. That in this day and age, DC Comics cannot publish a monthly comic book serial without providing a five-page preview to major websites and arrange for instantaneous reviews of their publishing line by Wednesday evening. That is adorable.

Adorable and indicative of a few problems.

1. Comics culture is too incestuous between journalism and publishing.

2. Comic buyers are too conservative if they need to read a quarter of a monthly magazine for free before they decide that it is “worth it.”

3. Comic books are too expensive if people need that much enticement to buy them.

4. Comic books on average aren’t good enough. People used to buy them on impulse. This is the polar opposite of an impulse buy.


Be critics. Be journalists. Right now you are acting as the PR firms for DC Comics and Marvel Comics. And you’re not even being paid real money, ugh.

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