AvX #3: Avengers Continue to Fight X-Men

2 May

By Ayo

Spoiler, Captain America fights Wolverine. Just kidding, it isn’t a spoiler, this scenario is depicted on the cover of the magazine. The greatest dramatic turn of the story of AvX thus far is depicted on the magazine’s cover. The friendship and alliance of Captain America and Wolverine has fallen apart, more quickly than Schism‘s collapse of Cyclops and Wolverine’s friendship.

So Wolverine says to Captain America “Hey Steve, you seem kind of shady, bro. What gives?” Then Steve Rogers, Captain America, the greatest super hero of all time sucker punches Wolverine, beats him like the boy owed him money and drops him out of a plane.


USA! USA! USA! Up yours, Captain Canada! Our supersoldiers are the strongest and bravest heroes ever built. Ask Afghanistan, we’ll invite you to talk and start punching you until you can’t stand and basically feel pretty good about it.


A taxi cab just drove past. Chris Evans was on the ad on top of the taxi. Full Captain America garb. He may be a pretty boy but watch out! Sexy man will throw you out of an airplane.


Chris Evans throwing Hugh Jackman out of an airplane.


Just to let you know, this comic which makes Captain America, headlining character of The Avengers film look like a total scumbag was released two days before that film premiers to U.S. audiences. I’m not saying…

…I’m just saying.


Ed Brubaker scripted this issue of AvX. Previous issues were dialogued by Brian Bendis and Jason Aaron, respectively. He did a better job, I suppose but realistically, the fundamental plot that he has to work with isn’t so good.

If you actually care what I think about superheroes, read Ed Brubaker’s Captain America comics instead of this. They are solid. Boring, like something your dad might enjoy. But faultless writing nonetheless.



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