How to Write Marvel Comics the Ayo Way.

6 Apr

By Ayo

Here is a post about Marvel Comics. If that offends you, click the X button.

I will never work for a company like Marvel so here are my overall ideas for free:

The Fantastic Four shouldn’t be a superhero team, but should be an honest-to-golly science fiction comic. Star Trek, Doctor Who, Lost in Space–that sort of thing. They should be using their skills like Odo in Deep Space Nine or Spock from The Original Series. That is to say, in supplemental ways.

Jonathan Hickman gave it a noble try but at the end of the day, he still needed to have Ben Grimm punch monsters. Boring.


The X-Men shouldn’t be connected to the world of superheroes. The notion that people would hate “mutants” but would love “super people” is ridiculous. However, if the X-Men WERE connected with it all, I’d like an honest try at making it a school comic. Only Grant Morrison came close. His stories about “The Special Class” came dangerously close to summoning a tear to my eye.

I like the idea of the X-Men as true and honest pacifists who don’t get into fights but rather use their terrifying skills to be creative problem solvers.

Note: “pacifists” would not type into my phone. It autocorrected that word away FOUR TIMES.


Spider-Man would be the only super hero. The only freelance people-saver.

See, because he is special.


Hulk is a monster.


SHIELD and The Avengers make sense as they exist in Ultimate Marvel: not superheroes per se but government supersoldiers.

It would be cool to see that “50 State Initiative” that was referred to. Go Great Lakes Avengers!


It would be fun if Doctor Strange were doing something like Madame Xanadu. Helping people with weirdness and talking with spirits from all over the world or something.


Most of these comics have good ideas behind them but get mired with the need to beat up bank robbers and foil international terrorist schemes or something.

It would be a relief to get away from the need to punch all of the problems in the world to death.

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!


2 Responses to “How to Write Marvel Comics the Ayo Way.”

  1. mooncalfe April 10, 2012 at 6:23 pm #


    i like X-Men but that’s my main problem with it (at least in its comics incarnation) is that it’s connected with the rest of the Marvel Universe, and it’s completely ridiculous just like you said. i guess the idea is that people fear mutants more than other types of superfolks is because mutants are born that way or it’s like the enemy within or something…? i don’t know. it works great as a concept on its own, though, like in the movies or other standalone versions. i haven’t read anywhere near every X-Men comic but Morrison’s Special Class/Riot At Xavier’s is definitely the best. i’d like to see X-Men stuff dealing with the mutant phenomenon in a more speculative fiction way, like mutant culture, fads, fashion, and mutant kids dealing with prejudice in a more nuanced way than just “death to muties!!!” Morrison did some good mutant culture and fashion stuff and i also liked the short-lived District X.

    X-Men is always the best when it’s written doing things only that concept can do, i.e. the mutant stuff, but instead the characters almost always are written being regular adventurers or dealing with aliens or something that any old superteam can do.

  2. Rev'd '76 July 13, 2012 at 2:06 pm #

    This jenga of heresy is dangerously close to your sane advice in re: Too Many Family Titles. Breaking books down the genres they originate from would be a solution to the market saturation the once-Big Two brought on themselves & now rely on to push sprawling, incoherent year-long Event Comix and big budget Movie Tie-Ins.

    We can’t have that, Ayo. Report for reconditioning!

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