The comics news

26 Mar

By Ayo

Marvel Comics News:

Avengers: Children’s Crusade is available on Comixology. The first issue is $3.99. Let’s think about this. The first issue came out a year and a half ago and it costs $3.99. Digitally.



DC Comics News:

With the release of issue # 7, Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang’s Wonder Woman fell from near-universal praise to public enemy number one. One supposes that it would be justifiable to say “pubic enemy number one.”

A socially-conscious feminist’s nightmare: a comic about an empowered woman becomes a comic about a man-hating, baby enslaving barbaric society.

So after a few months of reprieve, we return to a normal reality where the core market for Wonder Woman comics hates Wonder Woman comics.

Well-played, gentlemen.


Vertigo Books News:

Saucer Country number one came and went. An unqualified failure, of course. Foolish of me to believe that Vertigo would allow a comic book series to launch with any sort of competent editorial oversight to give it a chance to be a successful entertainment magazine as opposed to a “pretty interesting idea.”

Note: I will be writing about this comic and others shortly.


Image Comics News:

Saga number one came and went. It was alright. Benefits from having more pages than Saucer Country. This comic has the strongest potential for being a worthwhile investment. Writer Brian K Vaughan has a track record of following through on his comic series.


Lucas Books News:

Dawn of the Jedi: Force Storm is a sexy comic book. Not because the lady has the sides of her pants cut out. The drawings by Jan Duursema and the colors on top of them make this a beautiful, gorgeous magazine.

I don’t much like “Star Wars” but I’m starting to appreciate the look and feel of these things.


Mike Mignola News:

BPRD: The Long Death is in progress. Drawn by James Harren, this comic is absolutely stunning. Tyler Crook is the successor to Guy Davis on BPRD but everybody is not-secretly hoping that James Harren replaces Crook with the swiftness.

Sadly, Harren will be working on Conan the Barbarian after this miniseries. While his work will be welcome anywhere, I was definitely hoping he would take up permanent residence ad an agent of the BPRD.


Newspaper news:

As you know (unless you are a comic book nerd with your head up your butt), Garry Trudeau launched an all-out war against the conservative push for state-sanctioned-rape of women, sometimes known as “compulsory, medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds.”

Go Trudeau. Everybody has a moral responsibility to stand up for women’s rights to autonomy and control of their own bodies and of course, to stand against using extortion and intimidation as a tactic to force women into submission.


Extreme Studios News:

Brandon Graham and Simon Roy completed their first story arc on Prophet. It was very interesting. I have no understanding of how well this sort of Heavy Metal-inspired storytelling will ultimately be received by the mainstream North American comic book world. I only hope that some teenager buys these and has his mind blown/flipped/twisted.


KaBoom News:

The Adventure Time comic book is cute. The best part of it is that it gives mainstream comics work to indie cartoonists. I’m not completely sold on how it works as a comic book version of an animated cartoon, but it is quite funny, so one for the win column.


Chuck McBuck News:

Charles Forsman is serializing a tiny minicomic series called (excuse me) “The End Of The Fucking World.”

There are five issues out. That fellow Charles churns out pages at a steady rate. Usually I dislike comics of this type: story stretching over many issues but Forsman does some good things. One, he decided that his issues will be very short. Two, he writes his issues so that one memorable thing will occur in each issue. Three, though the chapters are short, Forsman writes with a slow, self-assured pace that indicates an inner confidence which I find comforting. Each issue walks, not runs, like Jason.

Charles Forsman knows what he’s doing. I trust him more than most of these other guys.

Personally: I am very pleased that with the completion of Katie Skelly’s “Nurse Nurse” and Sarah Oleksyk’s “Ivy” that we have another serialized longform minicomic series going. There are a few others running today, most notably “SF” by Ryan Cecil Smith (next issue of that, please?) but Forsman is making a powerfully strong case for this format and storytelling method right now.


Ayo News:

I am writing comics and when I say “writing comics,” I mean “drawing rough versions of comics that will be published some day.”

Mostly, I am trying to get over the heartbreak and disappointment that comes with the knowledge that newspapers continue on their expanding orbit away from comics and that there is no chance that I will ever stop needing to read these godforsaken pamphlet magazines or self-replicating paperback collections in order to simply read a comic.

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  1. Mark March 26, 2012 at 11:38 pm #

    No worries with James Harren. After Conan he’s returning for at least two more stories with Mignola. The first of which should come out late this year.

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