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2011 Year in Review: Top 10 Comics

30 Dec
By Darryl Ayo

I’m not interested in what the “top ten,” comics of the year 2011 were. You shouldn’t be interested in my opinion in this matter anyway. I have not even read all of the culturally-significant books in the first place, so the idea of my being qualified to assign rank and importance is easily dismissed. As with each year that passes, a number of comics were released, I purchased some of them, ignored others, liked some of what I read and disliked some of what I read. Most of what I read either originated in a different calendar year or was quickly absorbed and forgotten due to the sheer number of things that I have read. This is hopeless.

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BCGF Haul Reviews Part 3

28 Dec
by Kevin Czap

Christmas is OVER, here’s the stuff you could have gotten.

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Injecting drama

23 Dec
By Darryl Ayo

The superhero comic book writer faces an impossible task. This person is asked on a continual basis to be at once engaging and to cause no significant change in his or her domain. It’s what people often refer to as “zen-like.” Paradoxical. The job is less “writer” and more “steward.” As condescending and dismissive as that sounds, I mean it with a great deal of kindness to the precarious nature of the occupation.

When one reads heroic fiction, we are accustomed to a certain range of story possibilities and a certain range of behaviors of the primary heroes. Often it is said of Superman and Wonder Woman that these characters are boring or that they have no personalities. The characters are presented with a sort of even-temperament that is perhaps ever-so-slightly conservative by the day’s standards and coupled with an abnormally high depiction of tenacity and personal bravery. Which is a pretty big cop-out as far as I’m concerned because it’s the easiest thing in the world to have a fictional character present “integrity” and “bravery,” since there is literally no consequence to a make-believe person’s bravery. I digress.

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BCGF Haul Reviews Part 2

21 Dec
by Kevin Czap

Haul Review Part 2

Ok, round two, let’s do this! hoowah

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Influences and Process — The Books, Automatism, and the Infinite Everything

19 Dec
by L. Nichols

Disclaimer: I have a cold. I am feeling a little loopy and am only functioning at about 80%. Bear with me as I try to talk about things that even at 100% I am not good at talking about.

Behold the finite set of thirteen convex figures. The irrational sine versus tangent 45. – The Books, Beautiful People

With lyrics like that, I guess it might not be such a surprise that The Books are one of my favorite bands.

The Books are one of the few bands I can get completely lost in listening to. I love to put on my headphones, pick one of their albums and just go for a walk. Or I will put on their music when I am working, particularly when I am painting. For years now, this has been the case. The Books are music I live with when I am alone, when I am with my thoughts and with my work.

Every time I listen to them, I find new things. I find new sounds. I find new thoughts. With their constant presence in my life The Books have shaped my thoughts over the years.

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BCGF Haul Reviews Part 1

14 Dec
by Kevin Czap

Comics – I got quite a few of em with opinions to match. Here’s the first round of reviews based on things I picked up at this year’s Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival.

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BCGF 2011

12 Dec
by L. Nichols

There isn’t a show I look forward to more as an attendee than the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Fest (BCGF). I think this is because it’s the show I feel least out of place. Or maybe it’s the show/scene that I feel like my work makes the most sense in context of. Something like that. Something in between those feelings. This year’s show was so full of amazing things that I was completely overwhelmed. It’s amazing to see such a density of things I am excited about in such a small place!

The time I did get a chance to walk around as a break from the nine hour tabling marathon, I only had the time to make it around the top floor. I could’ve spent hours just looking at one section! The density of this show was tremendous, especially with the addition of a second floor. Some part of me wishes the convention was two days just so I could have more time to explore. But there’s also a certain magical quality to the show only being a day. BCGF came together and dispersed in a (somewhat tiring as an exhibitor) blink leaving with new memories and a desire for it to happen again. Maybe two days would be too much of a good thing. As it was, I left completely exhausted and somewhat delirious from that exhaustion, but simultaneously so excited about where things were going that I couldn’t wait to keep working.

I debuted two new comics there. Both of them were somewhat experimental full-color books. Me exploring the area between art books and comics, I guess. I can’t imagine a better show to have debuted these at, and they seemed well received by the people who picked them up.

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