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Make Me King

5 Aug
By Darryl Ayo

What’s the word today?

I know you’re dragging your feet, kicking the dust, sucking your teeth like “this Ayo bum is a negative person, he doesn’t even LIKE comics, I’m not going to listen to his nonsense.”

Which is fine, I’m never afraid to piss in your cereal and rain on your parade. And you probably look at me like “if you know so damn much, what would YOU do if you were in charge of comics?!”

To that I say…

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Lovefest: Joseph Lambert

3 Aug
by Kevin Czap

After I had talked about sound effects last week, my mind kept racing back to one example. By the time my train of thought had gotten around to typography in comics, seemingly there’s no one who does it better than Joe Lambert.
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