Best Comic and a couple other things

15 Aug
By Darryl Ayo

Good morning! I found THIS on a Tumblr blog (Link: NSFW)

It’s hard to see the attribution of actual pieces, whether this is the work of the above-linked Tumblr-er or something that she found, but still cool. The entire style and attitude of this Tumblr blog is just…a world expressed with pictures, segments, sequences and humor. I don’t follow the blog via Tumblr because she over-tumbles, meaning that she posts far too much. Instead, I’ve got it bookmarked to read separately from my follow-list.

The thing that’s so exciting about a blog like “methhh” is that even if the person doesn’t specifically like “comics,” they have this mental inclination toward ordering information in such a way that is either analogous to comics or at least indicates a sensitivity toward visual storytelling.

So whoever did that photo-strip above: bravo.


So it’s Monday, let’s run down a little bit of news:

1: Philly Alternative Comic-Con (PACC) happened this past weekend. It’s an annual affair, run by Pat Aulisio.

This year, Comix-Cube soldiers L. Nichols and Kevin Czapiewski were in attendance and reportedly spread the word. About comics. I way to go, team!

2: The House of Twelve just celebrated the TENTH ANNIVERSARY of the New York Comics Jam! For those who don’t know, House of Twelve runs a monthly comics jam in New York City. With the exception of holiday conflicts, the jams are held on the first Thursday of a given month at Jack Demsey’s Pub on 33rd Street in Manhattan. It’s just down the block from the famous comic book store Jim Hanley’s Universe. It’s a free event and all are welcome. I strongly encourage our NYC-local readers and timely visitors to swing by the event any time it occurs because it’s an inviting, freewheeling and accepting social event. If you like comics, this group likes you.

3: Small Press Expo (SPX) is in a couple of weeks. I don’t even need to remind you, do I? Half of the indie comics world of North America is going to be caravanning to Bethesda, Maryland in September for one hell of a weekend. The whole Comix Cube gang will be in attendance as well as the full might of the House of Twelve crew. Wear protective clothing.

4: I’ve been talking to Kelly Thompson regarding this past weekend’s post on Womanthology. She provided me with some interesting perspective on the matter and I’m grateful for her patience. Thompson and Sue (of DC Women Kicking Ass) rightfully gave me the full court press and I’m glad that they took the time. Thank you.

5: Marvel Comics has been amusing me with their hammer-based comics (ie “Fear Itself”) but I was blindsided by the news that they were not only bringing back their traditional Fantastic Four comic, but they were trying to double-up the title by continuing the “FF” comic. That’s typical, business as usual for those superhero publishers, but for some reason, this news really made me feel incredibly sad. Sadder than such a thing has any right to make a fellow feel. I knew that FF would eventually return to being “Fantastic Four,” that’s a no brainer situation. But so soon into its new direction? With so many avenues of new perspective left to pursue. What’s worse is that “FF” will be kept around to undoubtedly languish and stagger along without its central cast to prop it up. Ugh. I just want to give up. I really don’t have words to explain how disappointing this sounds to me.

6: If you’re reading this, then you have to have read Tom Spurgeon’s heart-wrenching story of his health struggles and reflections on comics culture. If you haven’t read it, what is wrong with you?

7: I know that Grant Morrison deserves a kick in the pants for his recent comments that appear to dodge the issue of creators’ rights, particularly in the Superman case. But regardless, my heart was warmed by his recent NPR appearance on All Things Considered. It’s only eight minutes of audio. The part that I responded to is when Morrison casually shoots off that comic books are just as good (and better) than anything else in pop culture like music, movies, TV. I think that being involved in comics so deeply, we see our chosen field as being separate and afar. And truly, most people see comics as separate and afar. But when put into the mindset of a comic book being just a thing that you can entertain yourself with–a thing that can be very meaningful, very nostalgic or very disposable…I need to hear that every now and then. I like the idea of comics as fully-formed works that can be every bit as vital to culture as the Beatles and Jay-Z…or every bit as in-the-moment and disposable as a reality show or a Justin Bieber.

8: I personally give up on digital comics. Except for those that come from small independent publishers like House of Twelve or Niki Smith. I’ll try to see about the bits and bytes but right now, I’m sick of the click. Give me a stack of paper, please. I don’t know, maybe I don’t mean that. But seriously, trying to figure out digital comics is more of a headache than I assumed it would be.

9: On the other hand, I’m looking forward to the launch of Retrofit Comics, the new comics publishing imprint by Box Brown. The first Retrofit comic comes out in September and it’s by James Kochalka! I like that!

10: Get used to calling him “Charles Forsman.” He initially got known as “Chuck McBuck,” but I guess that was just an old nickname between friends. Okay, sir. “Charles” it is.

11: I still love The Daily Crosshatch and I’m dying for them to pick up some new writers! It’s such an attractive website with such a simple and positive mission. Talking about indie comics every day! Let’s go, comics critics–let’s see what you can do!

12: Speaking of writing about comics, I read this post by J. Caleb Mozzocco on Sunday and really enjoyed it. He goes on and on about things. Kind of like how I’m doing here.


Smile, it’s Monday! The start of a new week, where anything is possible!

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