Freestyle Friday: whatever comes to mind

1 Jul
By Darryl Ayo


Man, there’s this lady at my job who says/sings this song every other day. I’ve never heard the song before just now. Figures it’d be the hippity-hop music.

As the American readers head off into the holiday weekend, I hope that they are spending more time preparing their cookouts than worrying about comic books. However, if any of you folks are thinking of comic books this weekend (or are from a country apart from the United States), here is a little blog post!


I’m not sure how Dave Cooper feels about comics these days but I’ve always been in awe of his sense of design. I have other concerns, of course. That almost goes without saying, if you’ve ever heard me rant about any topic at all.

Robin meets a new vigilante who dresses in violet. Her name’s Violet.

Sure, okay.

The classic shootout in a kitchen. I’ve got an article about food within comic stories coming up, but this ain’t it. I liked this action sequence though.

When I started to venture back into superhero comics in 2010 or 2009, I was under the impression that there was a lot more of this sort of thing going on. I was, of course, wrong. Superhero comics fail at being a lot of things, but they fail at being superhero comics most of all. Superman and Power Girl attacked by Sasquatches. Now THAT’S a superhero comic.

I like how Nicola Scott draws superhero costumes. It looks as though people are wearing clothes.

That’s enough for now. It’s a holiday weekend and you’ll be getting out of work early today anyway!




Image credits:

Zatanna #2: Ryan Sook

Weasel #5: Dave Cooper

Secret Six #30: Jim Calafiore

X-Factor #221: Dennis Calero

Jin & Jam #1: Hellen Jo

Weasel #2: Dave Cooper

Robin #170 & 171: Chris Batista

Power Girl #23: Sami Basri

Birds of Prey #115: Nicola Scott

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