5 Apr

Oh my goodness, guys. I am so excited about MoCCA I can hardly think! I am crazy busy trying to get ready (hence my lacking Monday post). And I will tell you why….

Not one.

Not two.


First, there’s Jumbly Junkery 10. TEN. Kind of hard to believe! This one is black on black Gocco print with a light purple inner cover. Fancy! 40 pages of b/w comics, including one really long Outlaw Dog story. I’m so excited!!

I even made a small print run of an alternative cover. So that makes 100 of the black and 25 of the blue. Comix leave me black and blue, for sure. OW!

Second is this one, An Aleatoric Basis for Understanding. This is a collection of 24 pages of full-color comics made via stream-of-consciousness and incorporating my surroundings into the comics. I only have like 10 or so of these right now (until I can buy more toner!), so hopefully they’ll go fast.

And last but not least is this comic titled “A Shadow and Its Source” which is inspired by William Kentridge. It is basically me trying to work out my feelings about his work. I will probably write an entire post about him in the future, but for now all you get is this sneak peak.

I will be at table J13 with Darryl Ayo and Jorge Diaz!! If you will be at MoCCA, you should definitely stop by! As a MoCCA special, I will be making $5 continuous line sketch portraits! SO MANY CRAZY THINGS!!

Also, I’d love to hear about the projects you guys have going on! MoCCA/TCAF/Stumptown. Share! SHARE!

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