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Dramatic Entrance 02 — Octopus Pie

11 Feb
by Darryl Ayo

Picking up where we left off last week, here is part two of the Dramatic Entrance” series. Today, I want to talk about common knowledge, assumptions and the value of taking things for granted.

Taking for granted

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We Need to Place Value – Three Thoughts

9 Feb
by Kevin Czap

Fugazi Instrument Dischord Jem Cohen

Let’s talk numbers. I had taken a break from doing these influence talks inadvertently over the past several weeks. Luckily, L has been picking up the slack with her great posts. One that I particularly was excited to read was her riff on mathematics, partly because that was a topic I had thought about a lot and was gearing up to write on myself.

Of course, L and I have different backgrounds when it comes to math – I took the strictly (fine) art route and it’s been nearly a decade since I’ve taken any math courses. However, I can’t help but be fascinated by the subject, at least in terms of its application to areas that interest me more directly. I’ve been told off in the past (or at least disagreed with firmly) by a smarter CASE student when I said this before, but I see mathematics as an intricate language system that is a remarkable tool for helping human beings better understand this world. Numbers are the greatest system designed by men, a declaration supported by the fact that just about every other form of design rely on numbers and math to exist. I fascinated by how well the system works, it’s really beautiful even in its simplest applications.
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Influences and Process – Rainer Maria Rilke

7 Feb
by L. Nichols

The other day, one of my friends said “oh my god give me your work ethic,” and while I can’t do that, what I can do is tell you my thoughts and influences that got me to the place I’m at, particularly Rilke. Or maybe just give it my best shot to at least get you thinking about your work process and how to make it what you want it to be.

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Dramatic Entrance 01 — The Batman

4 Feb
by Darryl Ayo


Totally weird. I picked up this comic, opened the cover and nearly jumped out of my skin. Such a creepy image. This is the very first panel of Batwoman #0 by J.H. Williams III.

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So Here’s Your Future – Blaise Larmee’s “2001” and The Webcomics Future

2 Feb
by Kevin Czap

So as we were planning on getting this here blog going, Darryl expressed interest in making sure that as many different formats of comics were covered, especially minis and webcomics. L and I agreed wholeheartedly (which is part of the reason we make such good blogging partners I believe). D went on to talk about how he had a lot to say about webcomics in particular, so expect to be educated in that respect soon.

However, I can’t just let him have all the fun. Webcomics are something I’ve thought a great deal about for the better part of a decade. Some of you may know that I even took at a shot at making one of my own. The whole sphere of comics on the web (which some might split some hairs over the distinction from honest-to-Jehova webcomics) is a strange one, and somewhat difficult to talk about. Honestly, it’s as easy to talk about the whole of webcomics in one breath as it is to do the same as printed comics. That is to say, nearly impossible — there is just too much diversity, too many different nooks and crannies to fit under one umbrella. Despite this, it would at least seem to not be the case.

There’s a kind of general conceptual profile of what a webcomic is, and while it can be pretty amorphous, I get the sense that when most people think about webcomics, they’re not thinking about this.

Blaise Larmee 2001
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