21 Jan
by Darryl Ayo

NEW MUTANTS, volume 3, number 18.

The New Mutants versus the Inferno Babies! The Inferno Babies have grown up in hell and are currently mopping the floor with our heroes. This is the part of the issue that I really liked–where Doug Ramsey, the man who can speak every language meets a woman who controls people’s minds through language:


In the middle of people hacking away at each other with weapons, setting each other on fire and so on, this woman invites her victim to just sit with her. The contrast of tone is enough to throw a person for a loop. It’s equal parts creepy and cute.

So let’s get power nerdy. This woman (who, like most of the characters, both good guys and bad guys isn’t referred to by name) controls people by talking to them. Doug Ramsey has the power to understand, and communicate in any language. That goes for spoken languages, written languages, computer code, body language and so on. I feel that somehow one of their powers has to override the other. But for now, Ramsey seems to be under the thrall of the backwards-talking lady. My guess is that we’ll find out that Ramsey is playing along and isn’t really being controlled at all–but if so, that’s a story for a future issue. For now, here’s this creepy image. It’s almost romantic:

All images (C) 2010, Marvel Characters, Inc.

NEW MUTANTS: FALL OF THE NEW MUTANTS PART 4 written by Zeb Wells, drawn by Leonard Kirk


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